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28th July 2008, 13:51
Hi all
trying to get this new 2.5" hard drive to run in a desktop a1200 unfortunately my pcmcia squirell cd rom drive will not read my o/s 3.9 disc :?
was wondering if you could connect with os3.1 installed to WHD LOAD on the pc and format and install os3.5 or os3.9 help please
i would like to end up with a desktop amiga with an internal 120 gb 2.5" hard drive ( bought the 2.5" hard drive new and it works fine ) just can't get the amiga to give me more than 8gb capacity :|
anyone with advise or bright :idea: please

list of hardware
3 x amiga a1200 1 with 3.1 chips 2 with 3.0
120 gb hard drive 2.5"
3.2 gb hard drive 2.5"
4.3 gb hard drive 2.5"
pcmcia squirell cdrom drive
8 mb trapdoor memory
68030 50mhz 32mb
goliath psu
os 3.1 / 3.5 / 3.9

28th July 2008, 14:38
There are a couple of utilities mentioned in this thread at A.org (http://www.amiga.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=44352&forum=8), notably Check4GB and fixhddsize. They might be of help.

28th July 2008, 15:07
IIRC, 8Gb is a limit imposed by the Amiga file system. To use drives above this size, you may need to use Smart File System (SFS) or similar, these can be found on Aminet.

Kin Hell
28th July 2008, 16:33
It`s 4Gb Merlin. This is the MAX the FastFileSystem can handle Cap`n. :wink:
You need SFS, PFS2/3 etc to go beyond 4Gb. 8)

28th July 2008, 19:14
Erm, OK, I was close, and at least I had the right problem if not the right limit...... :oops:

Kin Hell
28th July 2008, 22:00
....kin sniggers! :mrgreen:

29th July 2008, 08:00
... no-one loves a smart-arse you know, KH.. although Zetr0 sort of proves to be the exception to that rule..... :P :lol:

He still could have fixed the problem based on what I had said anyway....

29th July 2008, 10:32
who's been checking out my butt!??!?! :oops:

Kin Hell
29th July 2008, 17:59
Wasn`t trying to be Merlin. Honest! ....You just had one of those "Climbing Off The Dustbin" moments again & I caught ya! :twisted: :mrgreen:

@ Zeets.....

Was that with or without the runny honey?? :lol:

30th July 2008, 17:13
Gonna check out the hints n tips and will keep you all posted on progress but as my dreaded PC has gone belly up once again it's bound to be microsoft sigh it may take me longer than hoped but at least i still have my two trusty spare miggy's still set up with a 4 gb and 3.2 gb drives all is still :lol:
Ps thank you to all the administrators and everyone involved in running and maitaining this great site

30th July 2008, 22:12
You are very welcome, it's for reasons like this that we are here, a little thanks goes a long way.....


1st August 2008, 13:07
Ye gads i hate Pc's and Windows but now one new hard drive power supply i'm getting close to being setup again got basic windows installed but gotta get all my drivers and programs on yet :?

8th August 2008, 23:46
I've only just setup a large HD 40GB for an A1200 and got it working perfectly, so I thought I would share how I performed the task on my system so you have some idea.

First of all, the Amiga's FFS only supports up to 4GB partitions, and a total HD size of 8GB. However that is only due to the built in Workbench File System. Others exist for the Amiga that allow you to use much larger HD sizes and SFS is the best one. But you must remember to create an initial boot partition within the first 4GB of HD space on the HD or the Amiga won't be able to find it and boot far enough to load the different file system. I have a 2GB boot partition, and then the rest of the HD partitioned into various sized additional partitions.

Also if you are wishing to use an HD and IDE CD drive you will also need to buy a buffered IDE interface. You can get one from Amigakit for 11 and it works perfectly. I use it for my setup with 40GB HDD and laptop CD drive.

You will need:

External USB HD enclosure (or other method of attaching the HD to the PC) (I got a USB enclosure from ebay for 3)[/*:m:2fkitso3]
WinUAE with Kickstart 3.1 rom image[/*:m:2fkitso3]
Copy of the Workbench Install disk in ADF format[/*:m:2fkitso3]
The Smart File System files (SFS) http://strohmayer.org/sfs/ (make sure you download both the main OS 3 and the 1.279 update).[/*:m:2fkitso3]
IDEFix'97 http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/IDEfix97[/*:m:2fkitso3]
Buffered IDE interface (only if you wish to connect more than one device)[/*:m:2fkitso3]

I first set everything up on the HD using a PC and WinUAE.

Before you begin you need to unlock WinUAE's HD safety checks which will prevent you from partitioning and formatting the HD otherwise. To do this you need to edit the WinUAE shortcut icon and add -disableharddrivesafetycheck after winuae.exe. Make sure you put a space between the .exe and -.

Next make a folder on your Windows desktop called work and extract the SFS filesystem, and IDEFix archives into it.

Once that is done you can put the 2.5" HD into the external USB enclosure and connect it to the PC (but don't format it in Windows if it asks). Then start up WinUAE and add the Amiga HDD to the Harddrives, and then add the work folder you created on your PC desktop as a second HD in WinUAE (this is a quick way to download files and be able to access them from within Workbench), and then put the Workbench 3.1 install floppy (adf) into the DF0: drive. Set WinUAE up as an A1200 with KS 3.1 and some fast ram and started it up.

Once you are booted into Workbench 3.1 you can start HDToolkit and set the drive partitions up. It is worth noting at this point that HDToolkit will give you completely wrong reading for all of the partition sizes, but it will partition the drive correctly for you anyway. I work it out based on the total number of cylinders that the HD has. I then divide the capacity of the drive by the number of cylinders so I can then set up the partitions to the size using the cylinder number. For example, on my 40GB HD a 4GB Partition was about 890 cylinders so I moved the partition size around until it was that many.

Now you can follow the guide here: http://wiki.abime.net/amiga:killergoril ... ae_realhdd (http://wiki.abime.net/amiga:killergorilla_sfs_winuae_realhdd) which runs though how to setup the HDD using HDToolkit and the Smart File System. Remember to make the first boot partition under 4GB. Between 512MB and 2GB is probably best.

Once you have setup all of your partitions using that guide, and then formatted these partitions using the SFSFormat command (don't use the Workbench Format command as it will mess up the partitions), you are ready to install Workbench ready to get the HD into the real Amiga.

For this I use the ClassicWB package which is a predefined Workbench setup and contains everything most people need already setup and ready to go. This isn't currently available for download from the official site, but if you need it let me know. An alternative predefined Workbench package is AmigaSYS that is also pretty good. Whatever Workbench setup you are using, it is easiest to set this up in WinUAE as you can quickly get files onto the HD using WinUAE and test it out rebooting WinUAE quickly.

Once you have your Workbench setup how you like and working/booting using WinUAE then you just need to copy the IDEFix files over to the HD (in the boot partition) and then you can remove the HD and install it in your Amiga.

Once installed you should be able to boot the A1200 from the HDD, but you will probably only see the first boot partition. You will now need to install IDEFix so that you will be able to see and access the remaining partitions. IDEFix comes with an installer, so just launch that and follow the instructions. Once complete it should ask to reboot, and if all went well you should now have access to the remainder of your large HDD.

For me I had to edit the startup-sequence and change the IDEFix lines before it worked perfectly. If you fine it doesn't work straight away I can let you know the changes you need to make.

And that should be it.

7th September 2008, 22:26
Hi everyone ...
Just a special thanks to everyone who's posted a reply to this problem
I have now nearly finished my lovely system and am just putting the finishing touches to the WHD Load setup
Desktop A1200 with 3.1 Roms
MICROVITEC Monitor seperate speakers
120 GB internal 2.5" hard drive
Blizzard Mk4 68030 @ 50 mhz 16 mb ram
and for the spare room
a1200 3.0 roms 4.3gb internal 2.5"hd,8mb ram card connected to a big tv

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks and another quick cheers to the Moderators who run this site