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30th July 2008, 04:47
I am trying to sell my Amiga A1200 w/ 8mb RAM expansion for 200$ USD

It comes with the mentioned 8MB expansion of RAM (which makes a total of 10... 2 for graphics and 8 of Fast RAM)

it also comes with an installed SCSI card by Dataflyer, w/ software. You can hook external SCSI devices up to it.

There is a 4.3gb HD installed w/ WB 3.1 installed, and ready to go.

I also have an external floppy drive, Amiga brand mouse, the PSU, and software (WB3.1 + backup of it)... Octamed, and a few others.

It is in good working order, and I am selling because I don't really like it.

I also have a 1084S monitor w/ a power switch stuck in *ON* position. other than that, it works perfect. I'd ask an extra 50$ for the whole setup (250$ USD).

I will ship with whichever method the buyer prefers, and it will be insured w/ delivery confirmation (at buyers expense also.... gotta protect that purchase!)

Thanks for reading.

PS: I can take photos and email them to anyone interested.

Kin Hell
31st July 2008, 18:53
Hi MisAmigas,

Would you be so kind to update your Profile & enter your location? Prospective punters will then know where in the USA you are.

Meantime, welcome to AmiBay & good luck with your sale. :)


31st July 2008, 21:07
this amiga has been sold off via ebay now, I think.... it was being offered by arkhan on amiga.org and then was listed as a BIN item for $250 last night, but it's gone now....

31st July 2008, 21:58
Actually, it's still there.

Kin Hell
31st July 2008, 22:28
That's a shame. He could have Hyper-Linked the BIN on eBay on his advert above.

Whilst the AmiBay rules forbid off-site linking to eBay, we are not adverse to Items with a BIN option.

31st July 2008, 23:30
Yeah I ended up putting it on eBay. Here is the link.

Deleted eBay link as BIN is not available now.

Sorry! :|


1st August 2008, 01:25
ah... sorry about that, I thought it had sold already because I did not see it in my search.... (I've been keeping an eye on the 1200s as I am also selling one on there, but auction style so I have not linked to it here.) my apologies.

1st August 2008, 02:54
no worries, :)

hopefully it sells to someone who will put it to good use.