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2nd September 2014, 23:29
Hi, my fellow Amibayers , up for sale is the following:

1 x TIMEX FDD 3000.

It powers on, reset work on both FDD 300 and Timex Interface. Both drive led's work. When i try to read a disk, drive B spins but doesn't read. When connected to TC2048, image appears garbled on screen. TC2048 on its own work without a problem.

Twisted cable was damaged but repaired by previous owner. The Timex Interface is for use with Timex TC2048 only. It will not work with TC2068.

Sold as spares or repair. No repair was attempted by me.

Asking price for the Timex FDD 3000, Timex Interface and TOS Disk €90 without shipping costs.

***This thread can now be closed - Timex FDD 3000 - Sold elsewhere***


Best regards,
Pedro Torres

3rd September 2014, 06:17
Does this come with either the "T.O.S." or "Monitor" program on disk? The FDD-3000 needs T.O.S. to operate and Monitor will set the computer into CP/M mode so that you can run CP/M programs.

3rd September 2014, 08:58
Hi, that disk is included although not shown in the picture.

4th September 2014, 02:24
Splited prices for Timex FDD 3000, Interface and TOS Disk and Timex TC2048.

*** State interest in thread, offers are accepted through PM ***

7th September 2014, 22:33
Offers accepted for the whole bundle or separate items. Trade for other machines possible too. State interest first and send a PM with offer.

8th September 2014, 07:31
Declaring interest for the 2048. Will send a PM.

8th September 2014, 13:26
Money sent.

11th September 2014, 11:18
Price drop for the Timex FDD 3000, Interface and TOS Disk.

28th September 2014, 00:01
*** Price Updated ***

8th November 2014, 20:58
*** Price Updated ***

8th November 2014, 21:26
does it come with the timex computer?

12th November 2014, 20:54
Timex FDD 3000, Timex Interface and TOS Disk

Hi, I am interested in this set
what was the total price to delivery to Poland

I do not know English and I use google translaate, sorry for the mistakes

12th November 2014, 22:05
I sent a message to the e-mail, because I can not PM

17th November 2014, 22:43
sorry, withdraw interest, postage too expensive

29th January 2015, 22:33
This thread can now be closed, Timex FDD 3000 Sold locally.

Best regards

23rd March 2015, 09:24
This thread can now be closed, Timex FDD 3000 Sold locally.

Best regards

By your command.