View Full Version : Offered PCB prototyping service.

5th September 2014, 07:10
If you don't want to dabble with chemicals, and doing target practice with a drill, but still want a PCB made, this might be the solution.
Precision milled and drilled from almost every source, like Eagle, graphics file, or even an old fashioned layout on a piece of paper.

5th September 2014, 07:28
So you're offering this service right?

What about the pricing? I mean as per rules you should state a price but can this kind of job be priced as it must vary depending from the job. Nevertheless some guideline prices might be a good idea.

5th September 2014, 08:12
You said it yourself already, there are too many variables, but let's say from € 10,- onwards?

5th September 2014, 09:05
Sounds interesting. I may have some work for you in the future as I have a couple of small projects in mind.

5th September 2014, 09:19
Hi Beavis,
interesting offer. What resolution can your CNC manage?


5th September 2014, 09:52
Hi Guys, thanks for the replies.
I can go down to 0,1 mm.
The SMD chip in the pic is an SOIC, pin width is 0,41 mm, distance between 2 pins is 1,27.

5th September 2014, 10:15
Beavis :) (awesome name i hate you) great news make a video making a PCB this way PLEAAAASE :D You will help other DIY lovers if you do.The people that will buy they will buy them anyhow

Spread the knowledge :) I am interested in your technique if you believe it or not i was wondering this week if its possible to do something like that for some small DIY projects without using all this chemicals as you pointed out and spending more that you should on a technique that is obsolete in our days.

Keep it up best of luck

5th September 2014, 11:29
CNCing a PCB isn't exactly what I'd obsolete. It's still used quite a bit for prototyping, especially for RF and analogue circuitry. It requires a CNC machine, so you need space and it's also relatively noisy.


5th September 2014, 11:57
Sorry for the board name, but we all need our heroes now don't we?:p

Will do some footage one of these days, have a few boards to make.

As for the noise, that's completely depending on the spindle, brushed motors are known about the horrible noise they make.

I made my own, albeit with a brushed motor, and that one is not so noisy...

5th September 2014, 13:34
I made my own, albeit with a brushed motor, and that one is not so noisy...

Cool! Arduino and some stepper motors recycled from floppy drives or cd-rom drives?
Are two-sided boards with vias possible?

6th September 2014, 08:36
No Arduino, but Mach3.
And no recycled drives, they don't have enough torque. 2 nm stepper drives with ballscrew spindles.
Another machine is on the todo list, and will be equipped with servos, because they are the bollox. The whining sound of steppers does your head in after a while.
I bought the machine few years ago, but it was very very poorly built, considering all the time I've spent until now in improving, I had better built it from scratch.
But hindsight is a beautiful thing.
There's no cutting corners when it comes to this stuff, a deviation of 0.1 mm is unacceptable, it will come back and bite you in the ass.

As for 2 sided boards, that's no problem, but what do you mean with vias? For me vias are the green things, according to Eagle, see screenshot.

6th September 2014, 13:37
Vias connect traces on two sides of the board together.

6th September 2014, 14:13
Ok, it's just milling & drilling, it's best to design your layout the way, that the component wires do the connection.

6th September 2014, 16:25
Ok, thanks! There's a couple of things I'd need a board to. I'll send a PM later.

7th September 2014, 07:11
Looking forward to see what you've got in store.