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9th September 2014, 08:20
Sadly I need to sell my Amiga as the space in our new flat is becoming a premium, I will have to sell my iMac as well and will buy a laptop to get more space back, so the first thing to go is my lovely Amiga, I have been using this lots for writing tunes in OctaMED again which has been great but my lack of finding a new job meant that we had to downsize our flat again. Anyways back to the details:

1 x white Commodore Amiga 1200 with 3.1 roms and a 4gb CF card, the disk drive still works and it recently had the mother board changed.
1 x Blizzard MKIV 1230 50mhz with 64mb ram
1 x Indivision AGA Mk2cr
1 x Amiga Sound Enhancer
1 x Xenyx 302 USB Sound Mixer
1 x Amiga Kit ATX power supply
1 x Amiga Technologies white mouse
1 x CF Reader Kit from Amiga Kit with 16gb CF card
1 x Wireless Internet Kit from Amiga Kit

The machine works flawlessly and has been a real work horse in doing Amiga tracks :)

I am looking at 500 which includes free shipping via Surface to anywhere in the world. You can have it shipped by Air but you will have to add extra to that.

Just in case anyone is wondering I am based in Japan and have been able to use it no problem here, so if you are in the States or other countries this Amiga will work
fine there.

I will post photos soon, thank you.

4th June 2016, 16:42
Is this sale still on?

4th June 2016, 16:56
Is this sale still on?

Sorry most of it has been sold off now, I only have the Indivision AGA Mk2cr 100.00 includes shipping and the Blizzard MKIV 030/50 64mb 225.00 includes shipping too.

4th June 2016, 17:17
Interested in the Blizzard MKIV

- - - Updated - - -

sorry withdrawn , didnt realize the Price is in GBP

5th June 2016, 21:10
interested in the indivision PM sent

11th August 2016, 03:31
Interested in Blizzard pending questions.

11th August 2016, 11:08
interested in the indivision, PM sent

11th August 2016, 11:22
Sorry, I completely forgot about this thread. Everything has been sold off already. Could a mod close this thread please?

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