View Full Version : Wanted Anyone got a spare Atari 1050 PSU, please?

10th September 2014, 21:57
Hi guys,
New to the forum and desperately seeking a replacement 1050 PSU... please check your spares departments / boxes in the basement, clutter in the garage etc!
Sincerely, anyone able to help would bring much appreciated life back to my Atari disk drive.
Cheers, folks.
PS. SORTED - if anyone else needs such a PSU - try Maplin - 25. Thanks, Brenski, you big Brummie bonus.

21st September 2014, 11:00
check you email Baz.
ps - how are you going to make all those Oric 3"ers work in your 1050?

22nd September 2014, 21:03
You crazy cabbage - I'm going to interface the whole darn caboodle to a chain of 12v car batteries.
How's it going with the SIO2PC?
What other goodies you aiming to pick up Stateside, some Amoeba software?!
8Bit Baz

6th October 2014, 01:52
nah. only got some patriots/ red sox gear
and some "cheers" stuff