View Full Version : Super Denise and Super Agnus chipset (ECS) for A2000

13th September 2014, 13:39
Hi, I have a A2000 Revision 6 (OCS chipset) 6MB fast RAM with a A2630 accelerator and Kickstart 3.1. I want to upgrade to ECS chipset.

15th September 2014, 07:11
A2000 Revision 6 not support 8375A (2 MB CHIP) , ECS (Super Denis 8373 A2000 Rev 6 support)

I have 8375A and ECS Super Denis (8373)
If you interested please send me PM

15th September 2014, 09:19
I also have a spare 8372A Agnus and 8373 R4 Denise in my spares box - shall test in my A2000 and sort pic's later.