View Full Version : Request Octagon 2008 scsi repair

17th September 2014, 17:29
Hi, I have an Octagon 2008 scsi card with b zip ram and Octopussy rom installed showing up as faulty...
Is there anyone here could take a look and repair if possible?

17th September 2014, 19:44
Hello fresh4664

There are a few that maybe able to help you, if you add some more detail others maybe able to advise you better.

I would suggest that you take some hi-res pictures of the Octagon card (both back and front) and what machine (with any other adaptors or accelerators) you have been using it with.


18th September 2014, 13:20
Ok thanks will do... :)

19th September 2014, 22:50
Can close this thread as Card binned...