View Full Version : For Sale Mac Pro G5 plastics and Dual CPUs plate

29th September 2014, 00:16
I'm selling the remainings of my Mac Pro G5 case after the "mod" I made to it:-)

The parts are
- All kind of internal plastic parts.
- All fans
- SATA cables
- Some other cables
- Dual CPU plate (internal)

Some pics:

Detail of the CPUs plate:


Asking for 15 + postage from Spain (package under 3KG).
Accepting PayPal (as gift or paid fees) or bank transfer.

PM me for details, please.

Thank you

19th October 2014, 17:44
Please tell me the G5 had failed before you put a PC (I assume) in the case?

19th October 2014, 17:49
Hahaha, of course! The watercooling pipes of the dual CPU just poures some liquid over the PSU and...

How should I call this?... Simply stupidity or arrogance (you know, Apple never fails)?