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19th May 2010, 21:07
Hi - this is not yet really an ad ... hope mods will understand where I'm coming from with this <g>.

I have a box of original Amiga platform productivity app installation disks available. These are _only_ install disks, no boxes, manuals, docs, serial numbers, licenses, dongles or whatever.

Coupe of examples are Imagine (not sure what version), Caligari, ADPro, DOpus, set of 8 Intellifont disks..... now most likely these are going to be old versions. I'm not sure if there's any use/interest in these at all - I'd have thought possibly only as "collectors items". Now if folk enquire, I can check to see if the disks read OK (and probably check versions etc.), but that will only be for the next week or so - after that I won't have an Amiga to read them with.

Oh yeah, there's 3 or 4 well known game disks also e.g. Pinball Fantasies.

If there's any kind of interest at all, I will make a proper ad with prices etc.
I'm only looking for beer money for them + postage....

Mods: Is this OK ?

19th May 2010, 21:24
I think the rules (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules) are clear ...

Illegal Software is not allowed

All software offered on the site should be original and include any packaging, manuals, serial numbers, code wheels, etc., if required by the software unless the software is described as incomplete.

Magazine cover disks and the like should be ok as long as they are the original distributed versions, but backups/duplicates/extracted et al. can only be sold as blanks (i.e. you can't even say what is or used to be on them - and I suppose strictly they should be formatted clean).

Any original disks ought to be allowed, just make sure people know exactly what is being offered.

Ed: the Intellifont disks sound interesting...

19th May 2010, 21:46
@ slaz

In this case, the apps disks can only be sold as incomplete or as blanks, as they require other items to be fully functional.

Rules is rules.....:readit:

19th May 2010, 22:40
Well yes OK - I'm proposing to list them just as "Install disks" - no claims whatsoever as to being functional programs and value that might imply.

Is that OK ?

20th May 2010, 01:13
Well here goes then ... I believe this listing is certainly within the _spirit_ of the rules at very least.

The following Amiga app installation disks up for grabs. Now it must be clearly understood that these are JUST the installation media - no license, serial numbers, dongles or manuals, or anything else is included, so it must be assumed that the disks are NOT a route to installing and using the programs.
Mostly I believe they are oldish versions anyway - I haven't in fact verified that the disks are even readable, and indeed I don't know if the sets are complete distributions. I offer them only as I think they are part of Amiga history, and as collectables/souvenirs/whatever. I just ask a bit of beer money really in return for the trouble of listing, packaging and posting - I regard them as of no real functional value.

Imagine (version unknown) Int, FP, Demo, Objects
Caligari 24 (version unknown) disks 1,2,3
Art Department Professional Version 2 prog disk1, prog disk2, patch disk,
disk 1, disk2, patch disk v2.1.0 (I don't quite get that either)
Multiframe ADPro ver 2.21
Photon Paint 2.0 Program disk, Sample Art disk
directory Opus (unknown version)
Deluxe Paint III prog disk, animation disk, art disk
Deluxe Video III disk1, disk3, disk4 (guess 2 is missing)
Deluxe Paint IV AGA install 1, install 2, art 3
Brilliance (version unknown) disk1, disk2, disk3
Newtek Digi-Paint 4.0
Newtek Digi-View 4.0
Elan Performer (version unknown)
Transwrite (version unknown)
Almathera Parnet (version unknown)
Set of 8 Intellifont disks (1 is "Agfa Intellifont Installer and Extras disk")

Games :-

Zool disk1, disk2
Zool2 disk1, disk2
Trolls disk1, disk2
Mortal Kombat disk1, disk2
The Simpson's - Bart vs.The Space Mutants disk A, disk B ... ("not for resale" etc.) ahem - OK this one's free apart from postage stamp :-)

Asking a fiver inc. post for each multi-disk set and 2 quid posted for the single disks.

20th May 2010, 11:14
....or 20 quid for the lot inc. UK postage .... couple of quid extra for postage outside the UK, as it'll be a bit heavy/chunky.

21st May 2010, 20:37
Hi, show my interest in:

Caligari 24 (version unknown) disks 1,2,3
Photon Paint 2.0 Program disk, Sample Art disk
Brilliance (version unknown) disk1, disk2, disk3