View Full Version : Sold OR SWAP Boxed Mac mini G4/1.5GHZ/64MB VRAM/1GB RAM/80GB HD/Superdrive

5th October 2014, 17:02
Hi there,

as the title says I have a boxed Mac Mini G4 at 1.5GHZ/64MB VRAM with 1GB RAM and 80GB HD.

Runs Morphos 3.7 unregistered very smoothly.

Superdrive is a little picky on dvd's and cd's , some can be read , some not , may require cleaning or replacement.

Willing to let it go for 135 euros + shipping or straight swap for an expanded A600.

By expanded A600 I mean 2mb chip+4mb fast.

Mac Mini comes with psu and dvi-vga adapter.

Advertised also on local forums

7th October 2014, 21:47
Price drop to 125 euros+shipping

8th October 2014, 19:43
Interested sending pm

12th October 2014, 20:12
Sold and delivered to Pluto63!Feedback left from my side:)

12th October 2014, 20:42
All perfect and nice fellow, thankfully got it locally to cut that damn shipping costs for once. Positive feedback on the way.