View Full Version : Request Need help with Apollo 1260

8th October 2014, 02:07
Hi I live in France and I need help with my apollo 1260 I need someone who can fix it. Thx

8th October 2014, 09:57
some close pictures of the card with the card in the full frame might help anyone interested.
both sides of the card.

and an explanation of what youve tried and what its doing if known.

8th October 2014, 10:55
Hi roy, I ve tried to upgrade the card from 1240 to 1260 so i ve solder 060 cpu the voltage converter replaced eprom with 27c010 with 60-560 rom set jumpers to 060 and clock jumper to 040 cause i ve mounted a 66mhz oscilator i have fited a 32mb ram too.
But when i power up the amiga nothing appens after seeinf the indivision logo.

8th October 2014, 19:24
where is the CLKEN jumper set?

if its set to GND desolder it and move it to CLK

what revision is the cpu?

9th October 2014, 18:05

was there any track damage on the Apollo cpu area when the 040 was removed?

i would try a different / crystal - cpu - ROM if possible.

if not drop me a line and i can test it for you.


9th October 2014, 18:53
Stachu100 fixed my apollo 1260 would highly recommend him,very professional