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23rd May 2010, 13:32
Cover disk 2 Gemini Wing / Iconmeister
Cover disk 3 Xenon II / Access
Cover disk 5 Ghostbusters II / Iconizer
Arcade issue Cover disk39 Caesar / Quicksilver PAintball
Arcade issue Cover disk40 The Chaos Engine / Legend of Valour
Arcade issue Cover disk41 Wordworth 2 / Nigel Mansell's WCS
Arcade issue Cover disk42 Lemmings 2
Arcade issue Cover disk43 Bart vs the World / Noddy playtime
Arcade issue Cover disk44 Hires Guns / bootfix / devpac continued
Cover disk48 Syndicate
Cover disk 55a Disk Master 2
Cover disk 57a Ami-Back
Cover disk 63a Stop press!
Cover disk 63b G2
Cover disk 94 Pro Calc v2
Cover disk 117 PageStream 2.2
Cover disk 118 Fears / Citadel
Cover disk 154 Directory opus 5.11
Cover disk PD-DIY / Adorage / Protracker v3.1B
The AF Collection no: 7 Devpac 2
The AF Collection no: 8 TVText / Crossdos
The AF Collection no: 9 Scribble!
The AF Collection no: 10 Amos
The AF Collection no: 11 Prodate

No langer for sale, scrapping is the job.

13th June 2010, 02:17
*Price dropped*

Found more diskettes, so if you search some? Ask!

6th July 2010, 15:19

10th July 2010, 23:25
I see....
nobody is intrested in those diskettes.
Please close this topic, i'll scrap those diskettes.