View Full Version : Found A600/A1200 floppy drive wanted

23rd October 2014, 15:05
Have any of you guys that have been fitting Gotek drives got a spare floppy drive for an A600? If you have, please let me know with your price including postage to Manchester. Thanks.

23rd October 2014, 15:22
I have a few here, not sure of all of their working conditions.

You could have a faulty one or even a couple of faulty ones for free (then you can try to fix them)

Or I can try and sort you out with a working one, reasonably priced of course.

I'm busy the next couple of days though, realistically it wont be until the weekend before I get a chance to test them all. I've been meaning to do this for a while!

23rd October 2014, 16:07
I'm in no immediate rush, Steve. If you can find a working one, I may as well just take the faulty ones as well. Once you've got them all together, let me know the price including shipping. Thanks.

7th November 2014, 13:52
Sorry for the delay, I didn't get round to digging one out yet.

All working drives are spoken for in systems at the moment though so it might just be the faulty ones. I'll try and make it a priority to get them out at the weekend.

7th November 2014, 14:48
PM`d ya bud :)

10th November 2014, 18:56
Floppy drive arrived from Superduper today. Thanks! Leaving feedback.