View Full Version : Request a1200 tower blizzard 1260, sound issues.

24th October 2014, 21:40

i wonder if any one could help. i have a Amiga 1200 tower that i have been saving till i moved in.

its got a blizzard 1260 mk2, 128mb ram, kickstart 3.1, cd drive, basicly my dream system but....

basically i got it installed in my new house today and found the sound was distorted, i guess one of the capacitors had gone on the board.

So i had a spare board/ spare a1200 so i thought i would just put the main board in and just get on with it.

well that worked for 10 mins and then the sound problem came back. this time cutting in and out and distorting.

at this point i would say something in the tower is over powering the main board and this is beyond my capability's to sort out.

I just want to get this system going, get on the internet play some games and have some fun so can some one help me with this or know some one else who may do.



24th October 2014, 23:38
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25th October 2014, 08:40
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25th October 2014, 08:49
def sent this time.