View Full Version : Sold Boxed Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 (Faulty)

27th October 2014, 17:44
Well I got a week off so I thought i'd list this since it's ready to post off (being boxed and all).

Bought this Speccy +3 a few months ago and hadn't had time to really try it out. I powerd it on and the LED doesn't light up on the machine. Since I dont have an R/F TV to spare I can't really test it further (as I don't have an RGB cable). Though that said, the PSU does 'hum' when you out your ear to it so that sounds like it's working.
The machine looks in really nice condition, slight dent and a scrape on the metal plate on top of the disk drive as is common with these but alot better than many I have seen. All of the lettering is still nice and unscuffed and the machine overall is excellent. Oh there is a couple of missing rubber feet too. The box is decent enough, though the siides are not great, one is missing it's flaps and the other side I can only assume is being helpd in with tape but it's better than no box at all and it serves it's purpose. The polys are decent, scuts and such but it hold the machine and PSU nice and secure. Only other thing I did was tidy the plug wiring up and make the PSU safer to use.


. 78088 78089

Only looking for what I paid for it. 25 + 12 insured postage via CityLink (in the UK). EU postage will be notably more though. Sorry I am not offering this worldwide due to past issues and not helped by current events. Collection is also welcome if you are in the area.

Thanks for looking.

27th October 2014, 17:56
Interested. Pending postage to Portugal.
PM sent.

27th October 2014, 18:00

27th October 2014, 18:22
Ok.. interest withdraw. Postage to heavy for me. Thanks. Next.

27th October 2014, 18:45
Interested, next in line

27th October 2014, 22:15