View Full Version : Found FOUND: WTB Amiga 2000

3rd August 2008, 23:57
I'm looking for an A2000, prefer later ecs model, but would consider anything.

4th August 2008, 01:02
I've got one I've been putting back together slowly - not quite there yet :(

Has CD Rom, A2091 with 2meg ram (no HD at the minute but I've been trying to track one down - nearly there), 1.3 with hardware switcher to 2.04, 2 floppies, working keyboard, battery replaced with rechargeable new style battery, A520 modulator, possibly Buddha - may be other bits but can't remember at the moment.

Definately no graphics card or accelerator.


Dave G 8)

9th August 2008, 20:52
Looks like I've found one and deals done, payment sent.

many thanks Dave


15th August 2008, 16:11
A2000 arrived this morning, nice one Dave. cheers. :D

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