View Full Version : Wanted XCOPY for ATARI ST

3rd November 2014, 20:35
Evening all,

If any ST user has a spare 'copy' of XCOPY for this old 16bit machine, then please name your price incl postage, as I need to make some back-ups.

Many thanks,
8Bit Baz.

4th November 2014, 00:47
I have - did you put an offer in of 2.50 earlier?

I can do you a copy for 5 including P&P.

I would also suggest FCOPY 3 (PD version) for formatting disks in special formats - XCOPY won't do this.

Cheers :)

14th March 2015, 23:47
Hi moderators,
I've got this now.
Many thanks - could you please, close.
Best wishes,