View Full Version : For Sale Apple iMac 27" 2.8ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 1.25TB Fusion Drive (SSD & HD)

4th November 2014, 13:40
Hoping to avoid eBay so thought I'd post it here first. I've decided to move to a laptop so am selling my iMac. It's the late 2009 model but as you can see from the spec it is still a beast of a machine, still beats most new Macs on Geekbench with a score of nearly 9000 (for comparison the new Macbook Air I've just bought scores 5300!) So despite its age it has plenty of life in it.

The LED screen was replaced by Apple in 2012 under warranty, a common fault with these is dust from the fans gets in to the screen and make it look 'cloudy'. It has started to return very slightly in the top corners but is not noticeable unless the screen is white, this is a design fault and happens to pretty much every iMac in this style. It can be cleaned if you're brave enough to take the screen apart, but as mine was under warranty at the time I just got it replaced. No optical drive fitted as the 256GB SSD has been put in the drive bay instead.

It comes with an iMac box (i5 box but don't worry it is an i7 model!) and power supply, but has no mouse or keyboard. I'll put a fresh install of OS X Yosemite on it.

Price is 700 + postage. I'll add photos and full spec screenshots later.

15th November 2014, 13:12
Photos attached...