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5th November 2014, 07:01
Hi all, this time i have a homebrew A500(T) for sale. I build it up by myself and took many hours to complete it. I ship the Amiga 500(T) but NOT the Monitor shown on the pictures :) The A500(T) works with a 300Watt PSU and is stabel, an A500 keyboard is build in an Amiga 2000 keyboard cover. Note that the A500(T) only works with this keyboard! On the Harddisk (1,2GB) i have already installed CWB GAAE. This is an complete system and works Flawless!!

Whats in it:

A500 rev6 with 1MB Hack (1mb chip mem)
Rom Selector 1.3/2.0
Boot selector DF0/DF1
A590 Harddisk controller with 2MB Fast Ram on it.
Supra Ram with 2MB Fast Ram
SCSI CDrom 40x max
3,25 and a 5,25 diskdrive
Build in Audio (2x 15watt Amp with good speakers!)

For this setup I ask 350,00 euro's or a good offer, there are may hours of building so I cant give it away. Its almost, seen the original towers, a unique setup. I haven't seen it anywhere around. Using PayPal will costs the extra fees, banktransfer is also possible. I willl ship it verry good packed so the system will come without damage by you.

Thanks for looking, Greetz Abelientje

5th November 2014, 12:25
Do you post picture of retro and internal tower? How much shipping to Italy? Thanks in advance.

5th November 2014, 12:58
@Fogg_80 Shipping to Italie will cost 34,00 euro (10-30kg)
I will s.a.p. make some inside pics, but believe it is nice and precisly done!

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Inside the A500(T)

5th November 2014, 21:51
This looks like a very cool and interesting build.

How is the DF0 and DF1 switch connected? Is it soldered somehow to the A500 motherboard to switch from the external port to the internal?

It looks like the 3.5" drive is a modified Amiga external enclosure. What is the 5.25" drive?

6th November 2014, 07:37
@MoreBITS 1st the DF0/DF1 is soldered on two PiggyBack's not on the motherboard. The 3,5 inch diskdrive is an original drive from an Commodore PC20 and the 5,25 inch diskdrive is also an original external Amiga diskdrive. This is not a one day build :) ;) I will add some more building pics coz the other two didnt show the whole thing seen that the audio isnt ready on those pics

Edit: swapping for other Amiga stuff and some payment is also an option :)

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786977869878699Here some inside Pics of the Final Result :) :)

6th November 2014, 07:55
Really impressive build mate, never seen one of these before. Well done!
(not declaring interest btw)

Do note this bit of the rules, with regards to software ;)

You can only sell what you legally own:
You may only sell what you own, or have been authorised to sell. In regards to software and firmware devices - unauthorised copies are not permitted to be sold on AmiBay. In particular, there is no legal definition of the term 'abandonware'.

6th November 2014, 07:58
Removed, thx for the tip!