View Full Version : Wanted Atari 800xl - CPU's and Delay lines

14th November 2014, 08:27
Hi Guys

Desperately looking for a couple of CPU'S aka Sally's and Delay line packs for the Atari 800 / 600 xl

Dead boards also considered.

TC :)

6th December 2014, 13:14

I have one 800xl which doesn't seem to work. When powered on, the red led lights up but there is nothing on the screen - connected via ordinary cable on the TV. I can check for specifics if you want to.

6th December 2014, 16:51
Sounds like Sally lol..

Maybe interested if you are looking to part with it.

TC :)

6th December 2014, 20:40
Well, yes... I could part with it as I can't repair it and have another which (kinda) works.

6th December 2014, 23:03
Could I perhaps help you get one fully good working system out of the two for free and I keep the other one for the spare parts.


7th December 2014, 06:12
The other one has problems with some keys - If I remember correctly I already swapped the keyboards but then some other keys don't work - I guess they both have problems with the keyboard :(

BTW I have one 130XE that also has some non-working keys

But I should check first as I haven't used them for at least a year.

5th January 2015, 18:58
Hi Chums

I'm getting quite desparate for these parts now..

Please can anyone help.


5th January 2015, 21:29
I have one. PM sent.