View Full Version : Sold Macrosystems Retina Z2 and VLab Zorro 2 cards for sale

15th November 2014, 15:30
I have the following MacroSystems Zorro 2 cards for sale:

1. MacroSystems Retina Rev 1.1 Z2 Card with 2MB installed. Tested working. Comes with original box as shown. Paypal Only. 60GBP plus shipping plus fees. SOLD

2. MacroSystems Retina Rev 1.1 Z2 Card with 2MB installed. Unboxed. Tested Working. Paypal Only. 50EUR plus shipping plus fees. SOLD

3. MacroSystems VLab 1.0 Z2 Card. Unboxed. Tested working. Paypal Only. 5GBP plus shipping plus fees. Withdrawn from sale.







18th December 2014, 13:07

20th February 2015, 17:24
Are the Retinas still for sale? I'm interested.

20th February 2015, 17:31
I could be interested at second Retina... PM later

24th February 2015, 13:02
Payment sent

2nd March 2015, 13:50
Card received :)

18th April 2016, 16:56
Payment sent for second Retina z2

18th April 2016, 18:11
Wow, how? W/o even declaring an interest?

18th April 2016, 18:19
interested in 2. option if available
what are shipment costs to poland.

18th April 2016, 18:46
My mistake. Should have checked the thread for Grobi1212 declaring interest. Mods?

19th April 2016, 10:12
Payment sent for second Retina z2

The rules are very clear on this subject
Sending a PM before posting in the thread:
Sending a private message before declaring interest is considered "silent bidding". You will lose your place in line to someone who has declared interest in the thread.

Declare interest:
If you wish to buy an item, you must declare interest in the thread....
If you need more information about the item, you can declare interest and state that it's "pending some further information". Where reasonable, the information requested should be posted in the thread.

If another member has already declared interest, then they are first in line. You may also declare interest to be "next in line".

When there are multiple items on offer in a thread, you must declare which item(s) or how many you are interested in.As you've been a member since September 2015 you should know and understand the rules by now.


Please refund the payment if possible and offer to the next in-line.


If you wish to be in-line for this item please state your interest within this thread. You will currently be third in-line.

19th April 2016, 14:41
I'd also like to declare interest in the retina somewhere in line please

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19th April 2016, 17:45
Just to be clear:

crrn is 1st in line,
Cryton 2nd in line.

20th April 2016, 19:34
Interest confirmed in PM.
waiting for final costs info from seller.

21st April 2016, 09:45
PM sent to sunos4 informing him that I pass and won't take it.
Not because of this forum drama but I've found out Retina is EGS only - which even here on Forum people claim have problems with drivers.
Sorry for late information.
Next in line ....

21st April 2016, 10:40
Cryton you are now first in line.

21st April 2016, 21:53
PM's exchanged and sale agreed

Payment sent

22nd April 2016, 00:17

The decision I made in this thread is being discussed as such there is now no need to discuss/disagree and argue within this thread.

Time for a clean up. No posts will be deleted they will just be removed from public view while the discussion continues in the background.

Thanks, Dave G