View Full Version : Closed Sam440 Flex 800Mhz with 1 Gig ram Radeon 9250 plus OS4.1 swap for parts

15th November 2014, 20:16
HI guys
Offering my Sam440 800Mhz Flex 1gig of ram plus OS4.1 in box and radeon 9250 12mb ram, up I am looking for any of these or Cash for 350 ovno Motherboard will be orginal box with full instructions as will OS4.1
If you offer me a 060 for my A1200 with other items or cash I can include my tower Apollo 1240 40 mhz with 64mb ram.

A1200 desktop with either a blizzard 1240 or Apollo1260.

Warp engine or cyberstorm any version as long as it works.

Full case for an A3000 with some cash from you! case can be a tower but would prefer the desktop.

Other Items I am looking for are

indivision ECS
cybervision 64/3d
Zorro IDE card
Zorro Scsi card for A1500

If you have an offer pm me I am trying to upgrade my A3000 and my A1500 plus looking for an 060 for my A1200 so any of the above I would be interested in.

One thing I will say is please No US and only reply if you really want it, the last two offers I had one was in the states the postage and customs would kill the deal.

This machine has been tested by Acube new memory added and has been running like a dream.


15th November 2014, 22:24
There are no customs charges shipping to the states unless you are a commercial seller.

16th November 2014, 00:16
Last time I bought something from the states off the other bay HM customs wanted cash not sure about your side mind you.

thanks for the reply

21st November 2014, 17:51
If it helps I can include the Harddrive plus DVDRW and sata cables with this that way all you will need is a micro ATX case and psu my machine has the back plate that some others seem to be missing.

the A3000 only has to be working and with keyboard and mouse not worried if the front is a bit yellow same for the A4000 dont mind if its the 030 version either as long as the board is ok and working well.

Just added the A1200 spec.


As an add on I can supply it with the case which includes a card reader plus psu, but the case is as is it will need the top cover sprayed as its scratched so please read the first part of the add to see why this is offered as a Free of charge part of the deal not something that can be used to lower the asking offer with!!

28th November 2014, 18:40
Hi guys I have found the A3000 I wanted so change the swap

Admins can you change the title please

28th November 2014, 20:23
Interest in the Os 4.1. Send PM.

29th November 2014, 10:17
HI Poldino
Please dont ask for splits not allowed in the rules plus with the Sam if I sold the OS the board would be useless to the next user without it. Thank you for your interest though.


- - - Updated - - -

my apollo incase your interested in one of the above swaps7974979750

4th December 2014, 19:06
well guys machine sold elsewhere please close