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17th November 2014, 21:10
Hi folks,

I have for sale a very nice Panasonic JU-257A655P floppy disk drive :mrgreen: I re-capped it, meaning I replaced all SMD electrolytic caps with their corresponding ceramic ones, so you should be safe from the dreaded capacitor leakage problems :thumbsup:

I cleaned it very carefully and thoroughly and converted it myself from a PC floppy drive to a fully compatible Amiga floppy drive. It even passes the "Flood" test (see here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=73812), so you can be almost 100% sure that your stuff also works :thumbsup: On top of this, it also has a DF0: / DF1: switch (see pictures below), so you can configure it easily yourself.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the eject button does NOT fit the Amiga 500 or 1200 desktop case. You would have to use one from another Panasonic drive to replace the current button if you wanted to use it in a desktop case.

I am asking 10,- EUR (was 12,-) plus shipping and PayPal fees (if not paid as gift). SEPA bank transfer (IBAN / BIC) is also possible.

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:

Here are some pictures:











17th November 2014, 22:04
Hello. I have 2 questions before declaring interest.

1) is it a "full HD" floppy drive on Amiga ?

2) it is for an A600 or an A1200 desktop so can I re-use the original eject button and will it fit directly on this drive ?

18th November 2014, 05:25
Hi Rakeim132,

thanks for looking :thumbsup: Here are the answers to your questions:

1) No, it is not a "full HD" floppy disk drive, it only functions as a DD drive. It can, however, read and write HD floppies, but only in DD mode. AFAIK, there are only very few types that can be used as HD drives, and this one is definitely not one of those.

2) It fits a desktop case, yes. I cannot confirm that it fits an A600, since I don't have one, but it fits nicely into an A500 and an A1200. I've tried an Amiga-style Panasonic eject button and it fits. Eject buttons of other manufacturers very probably won't fit.

18th November 2014, 15:34
Thanks a lot. Good luck with the sale. All the best.

1st December 2014, 20:03
Bump time... :p

19th December 2014, 09:01
Another bump time... :D And a price update! C'mon guys - the ceramic caps alone did cost me 1,- EUR, so this drive is really a bargain :thumbsup:

19th December 2014, 10:32
Just by curiosity, because I converted myself some floppy drive. Does anti-click app work with this drive ?

19th December 2014, 22:19
Just by curiosity, because I converted myself some floppy drive. Does anti-click app work with this drive ?

Just put the drive back in one of my miggies and I can confirm that the anticlick tool works fine with this drive :thumbsup: If you listen very very carefully, however, there is still a tiny little click noise, but it is really very low actually. Since this happens with the original Panasonic drive, too, I guess it's just normal for Panasonics...

20th December 2014, 17:23
Can this be used for an External Amiga 500 drive with the proper power and data cables?

20th December 2014, 21:00
Can this be used for an External Amiga 500 drive with the proper power and data cables?

Sure it can be used in an external drive case :thumbsup: I have also tested it successfully in an external case. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it doesn't come with a front bezel...

21st December 2014, 03:43
Declaring interest, please quote shipping cost to Mexico, thanks!

21st December 2014, 04:22
Declaring interest 2nd in line, pending shipping cost to Cyprus.

21st December 2014, 19:56
@amigo-mexicano Nice to see you again :) The shipping costs to Mexico are 15,79 EUR not insured and not tracked and 18,99 EUR insured.

@botialoach Depending on whether you live in South Cyprus or North Cyprus, the shipping costs differ - sorry about that, but this is what DHL tells me. So South Cyprus is 8,79 EUR not insured and not tracked and 10,99 EUR insured. North Cyprus is like Mexico - 15,79 EUR not insured and not tracked and 18,99 EUR insured.

Edit: Sorry, it seems there is no tracking available for neither Mexico nor Cyprus. Therefore corrected the shipping quotes above.

22nd December 2014, 04:20
Oh yeah, I bought other one like this some time ago, are you making more of these?

Shipping is OK for me, so I will send payment, you have the same paypal address, right?

PM to follow...

22nd December 2014, 04:33
Since amigo-mexicano will get this one, will be making some more in the near future?

22nd December 2014, 13:35
@amigo-mexicano PM replied :thumbsup:

@botialoach I still have a couple of Panasonic drives :D If you want, I can convert one for you. But the next one will cost 12,- EUR, since they all contain the front bezel. If you don't want the front bezel, I can give it to you for 10,- EUR like the one above plus shipping and PayPal fees (if not paid as gift).

29th December 2014, 22:01
Received PayPal payment from amigo-mexicano for 3 Panasonic floppy disk drives :thumbsup: Will ship them tomorrow - converted, cleaned, and successfully tested them over the last days.

30th December 2014, 09:20
Nice work Darthmaul. Since you sold 3 to Amiga-Mexicano, do you now have none (you mentioned you had a couple more but those couple appear to have now been allocated).

30th December 2014, 15:43
I just went to the post office - parcel with 3 Panasonic floppy disk drives is on its way to amigo-mexicano :thumbsup:

@DerekP I reserved one for botialoach just in case he wants one. But I still have a few left.

26th March 2015, 15:50
amigo-mexicano dropped me a PM that he still hasn't received the floppies yet :( What a crap.

This morning, I called DHL to ask how to proceed in this case. The lady told me that the number that is written on the online postage stamp that I bought is just a "parcel number". But she also told me that since amigo-mexicano chose the cheaper postage option without insurance, there is no tracking whatsoever - not online, not offline, or whatever else - connected to this parcel number.

I have now filed a so-called "Nachforschungsauftrag" with DHL, which means an investigation request. However, the lady on the phone was very clear to me when she said that she sees very little chance that this will have a positive outcome.

I truly apologize here in public for this mess, but if the parcel is really lost, this is something that is totally out of my control. If it is really lost, this is not only bad for amigo-mexicano, but also bad for me since it means many hours of work are just gone and wasted.

Although I could lean back and say "bad luck", I really feel bad about the whole situation. Therefore, what I suggested to amigo-mexicano is that we wait until there is an outcome from the investigation request and if it is negative, I will refund him the profit I made out of our deal. I'm not willing to refund the full amount, however, since it would mean I make a loss for something I am not responsible for.

=> What does the rest of my fellow AmiBayers think about this? Am I acting okay here?

26th March 2015, 16:53
I've never had a lost package from an AmiBay deal. I hope this is not the first one. 45.79 EUR to the trash is not a nice thing to happen to me. :(

6th April 2015, 13:19
Finally received an answer from DHL (traditional letter), in which they apologize but say that they have no sign of the parcel, since it was sent uninsured. So it's ultimately lost I guess.

"All things Amiga" is my hobby and so is converting drives. For me, it's all about the fun of tinkering with Amiga hardware and software and not about the money - I don't really make any money with the things I sell anyway. This whole story here is decreasing the fun significantly. I really have to think a bit about whether I shall sell any converted drive anymore or not. Which is a shame since I still have some unconverted drives here and actually enjoy converting them. My personal summary is:

- I have an unhappy fellow AmiBayer - amigo-mexicano - who lost quite some money because of the lost parcel.
- I feel bad about the whole situation although it is not my fault.
- Although technically not required, I will refund him the profit out of our deal, so my profit is zero.
- All the time that I spent cleaning and converting the drives - it was at nights when my family was already in bed - was totally in vain and for the bin.
- I had additional hassle calling DHL and filing the investigation request.

So if I will ever sell anything again, I will ONLY USE INSURED postage in the future unless the buyer confirms in written form that he solely takes the entire risk of losing the parcel. I'm really not keen on having the same situation ever again.

Edit: Refund sent via PayPal.


6th April 2015, 21:07
Refund received. Thanks!