View Full Version : Sold Amiga 4000 Desktop Case with PSU and Zorro Daughterboard

17th November 2014, 22:32
As the title says, A4000D case is generally in good condition. Front is a little off white but not much, I photo'd it on a pure white surface to give an idea of what to expect. The hard drive brackets are not originals a member on the board made them up for me (massive thanks to NeutronUK). The PSU works but it's very noisy, the long rod that switches it on and off doesn't stay attached as the lug snapped off the psu side. It does however stay in and works fine if you press it gently without force. Don't know what else there is to say, everything you need is here, the inside base of the case looks a bit manky but it's the plastic sheet that has discoloured.

Asking price is 140 plus postage. I also have a 68030EC25 CPU board I could sell but only with the case for an additional 25.

18th November 2014, 06:49
Will PM later.

18th November 2014, 12:06
declare interest, second in line

18th November 2014, 21:50
Postage to Poland and Italy is 25 fully insured or 20 with basic 50 insurance.

Aos4 has not pm'd me, if he doesn't by tomorrow I will offer it to piacc64.

18th November 2014, 22:21
I'm interested too along with CPU board :)

19th November 2014, 21:41
moving on to the next in line

21st November 2014, 00:37
In the chance that piacc64 is not interested, I regret that I have to revoke my interest in this too as I've decided to wait it out for a complete system

23rd November 2014, 21:56
payment sent

1st December 2014, 15:52
received, now open and verify, feedback soon

3rd December 2014, 22:36
feedback sent today

4th December 2014, 15:29
fb returned, glad you are happy with the case :)