View Full Version : Closed BOXED MINT Golden-Image diskdrive with Track-Display ! VERY RARE !

18th November 2014, 12:33
Up for sale is this boxed & new old stock Golden Image external disk-drive with Track-Display.

The disk-drive was never used, except one time for testing. It reads and writes very silently.
A Golden Image disk-drive in this mint and pristine condition is very rare and hard to find!

Reading - tested: OK
Writing - tested: OK
Track-Display - tested: OK

I'm asking 150 140 130 120 euro (+ shipping). Only express interest if you can afford it to pay and no offers, please. Thank You!

23rd November 2014, 11:05
Price drop! It's now €140,-

25th November 2014, 14:15
Price drop! It's now €130,-

25th November 2014, 15:28
declare interest, pending questions

25th November 2014, 15:44
PM replied.

27th November 2014, 13:02
Sorry, PM sended. I will not comment the "time waster" statement but don't forget that may someone is only able to loggin by mobile for some seconds during flying around the world...;/

27th November 2014, 14:33
I'm going to clean this thread up now and un-approve the non-relevant posts.

If you can't play fair you will be getting a holiday on me :mad:

27th November 2014, 16:19
Thanks! :thumbsup:

1st December 2014, 11:04
SOLD to Hendrik! Payment received, thanks! :thumbsup:
The package is going tommorow to the post-office.

1st December 2014, 15:01
@MC680X0 - I can assure you though that I did not sabotage your deal nor did I have the intention to do so. But lets keep this thread clean.. send me a PM and we can take it up there.. alright? :coffee:

1st December 2014, 15:28
@ iRetrOVolver

PM sent.

1st December 2014, 15:37
Received and Replied

1st December 2014, 15:44
Hey MC680X0, what Are You doing here. THIS is not good and not true. I never told you about my discussion between iRetrOVolver and me, you have asked me to tell but I never did it as you know. You should stop this kind of playing asap. I expect a clear statement to everyone otherwise I take the next step against you !! Everyone is playing fair here and you should do the same...

1st December 2014, 16:01
@ Hendrik

iRetrOVolver has admitted that he have sent you PM's. And you told me that you were nervous about it. That's all.

1st December 2014, 16:08
Never denied it either.. but there was no sabotage of any kind in the PM.. this is what Hendrik means.. we all know that now.. all good here.. nothing to see here.. let us move on please :thumbsup:

1st December 2014, 16:12
Yes, good idea! We've sorted things out! All OK now. :)