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20th November 2014, 09:40
hi First of all a salute to all forum users. A friend bought me at this forum scsi controller ( the draft this) for the CDTV and have the following problem : when connected I run the hd and boot the system but the cd drive stopped working , remove the controller and cd drive does not work stays on the screen cd request and hence fails . I hope your help and apologies for my English I am Spanish and I used the Google traslator Greetings to all .

20th November 2014, 10:09
you need verify if connector with cable red-black-yellow is connected on the rear of cd-rom

21st November 2014, 12:55
Hi thanks for the prompt reply . Confirmed, black and yellow red wire is connected. The controller worked and boot the hard drive , but do not appear in the system unit and not read cd cds. Disconnect scsi controller and connect the CD drive , but stopped reading cds. Stay on request cd screen. The cd is inserted by turning a few times and stops. Cleaned lens without any results . CDTV worked perfect till then was connected to scsi controller stopped working even removing the controller. Greetings .:(

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The SCSI controller is this friend and I bought it in this UN forum . Greetings


21st November 2014, 17:24
some cdtv need work on plane horizontal

use cd original or cd-r not cd-rw

21st November 2014, 19:27
Thanks for the reply Use your caddy cd origibal regards

21st November 2014, 22:11
without hdd the screen when you insert a cd, the cd spin and change the screen in red or not, can you test with audio-cd?

i have a cdtv with same config and work fine

22nd November 2014, 21:46
Hi thanks for replying .I tried with music cd with the same result .No red screen appears .The scsi controller is tested on a unit in a friend a570 500 and everything works perfect.However my CDTV worked perfect till they put the scsi controller.Greetings .

22nd November 2014, 23:07
you are sure the power is connected behind the cd player?

¿estás seguro de que la alimentación está conectado detrás del reproductor de cd?

sorry for translate in spanish

23rd November 2014, 11:03
Hi thanks for writing in Spanish :)If 'm sure even checked the intentions of the connector simla source turned out damaged but are fine.I can think of nothing more to do is disarm only one to one and check connectors and intentions thereof and reassemble .regardsThe Spanish are well understood thanks .