View Full Version : Sold 3 Fastlane Z3 cards with 32 MB RAM each

22nd November 2014, 13:49
For sale these 3 Fastlane Z3 cards. Two of the cards have the newest 8.5 ROM. All boards show up as working in the early startup.

I was not able to test the SCSI part properly because I do not have a SCSI harddisk for it. I tested it with a SCSI CD-ROM. For the 8.5 ROM cards at least the CD-ROM started spinning after clicking on the CD0 icon. This does lockup the Amiga in which i tested the cards. The Fastlane with the older ROM doesn't do anything at that point.

From top to bottom:
- Fastlane Z3, rev 2.4, v8.5 ROM, 32 MB, 130 euro SOLD to dw0ntU5m3
- Fastlane Z3, rev 2.2, v8.5 ROM, 32 MB, 130 euro SOLD to Paladin1
- Fastlane Z3, rev 2.2, 32 MB, 100 euro SOLD to Superbonio

Each card comes with a SCSI cable.

Or the whole lot for 325 euro. European shipping only. Buyer pays shipping.


NOTE: Corrected a mistake. The top card is actually a rev 2.4

22nd November 2014, 13:59
Which revision are the boards?

22nd November 2014, 14:38
Added revisions to the start post.

23rd November 2014, 13:09
Declaring interested for friend, in 1 card, Fastlane Z3, rev 2.2, 32 MB, 100 euro.
Pm send later.

23rd November 2014, 13:19
declare intret on - Fastlane Z3, rev 2.2, v8.5 ROM, 32 MB, 130 euro , sending PM

25th November 2014, 19:28
SOLD a card to Paladin1.

Corrected a mistake. The top most card is a rev 2.4

27th November 2014, 20:33
2 cards still available. I can not reach you Superbonio. Your inbox is full!!

29th November 2014, 23:10
Interested in 2.4 version.

3rd December 2014, 13:40
Interested in 2.2 fast lane 100 euro

3rd December 2014, 14:39
Iterested in one no matter which if baz or dw0ntU5m3 drops his interest.

3rd December 2014, 20:19
All cards have been sold. Money received. Shipping the last 2 cards in a few days.

29th December 2014, 18:49
Board received, customs must have had an old Amiga laying around so they played with it for three weeks. SCSI and RAM tests fine.