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26th November 2014, 21:04
An absolute gem of Apollo 1260@100MHz, with a new processor Freescale rev.6

The card has a very fast memory 64MB FAST
Card due to memory soldered ultra slim fits easily into any desktop chassis.
Memory is 60ns, but during the test run and are faster and than to 50ns!

The card is also a cardboard box (not on the pictures) with an emblem Apollo1240 / 25MHz

Card at this frequency (100MHz) works very stable, there is no problem with it and require the demo simply flowing :)

RTC on this card is upgraded to regular CR2032 battery in the cradle, no worries, while the card is no longer the battery charging voltage as it was in the original battery acid.

In order to provide even greater reliability card, both systems have been soldered MACH permanently.

During the test, the Fast ATA MKIV and 60GB 7200RPM drive SEGATE according sysinfo 4.0 drive speed reached 11.6MB / s SFS file system.

Recommended good high current power supply especially in the + 5V line, or a direct connection to a power outlet to FDD.

My tests were on a standard power supply of the Amiga 500 + 5V 4.5A and CF2GB card as a HDD

Because the card fits easily under the keyboard in a desktop enclosure, after all I recommend removing the upper part of the housing and remove the keyboard during the installation of the card. It may happen that the fan on the card may wadzić of lower screen next to the FDD, but for me it was not the problem.

I'm willing to sell cards also advertised in local services, so you may find that the card is out of date. But for now it is up to date :)

PRICE: 600 EUR + Shipping

27th November 2014, 10:22
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27th November 2014, 12:36
WOW, I wish my Blizzard can be at 100 MHz. Good luck with your sale and congrats to the new buyer.

27th November 2014, 12:59
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27th November 2014, 13:03
Show us Quake2 AGA running on this beast, please :thumbsup:

1st December 2014, 15:56
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