View Full Version : For Sale Faulty iMac 17" Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz (Boxed)

27th November 2014, 17:20
My brother's iMac has developed a graphics fault and it's not economical to repair, so he's given it to me to "decommission." It is still perfectly usable, but certain colours on the display have ghosting. Could be either a screen or GPU issue. Other than this it seems to work fine. It has a 160GB HD, 3GB of RAM and OS X 10.7 installed (the latest version this model supports.) Photos to come later. It's the 'late 2006' model.

Price: 50 + postage. UK only please.

29th November 2014, 19:55
if you consider shipping to Portugal, i would be interested

29th November 2014, 20:51
Just checked and postage to Portugal would be about 25. If that sounds OK let me know.

- - - Updated - - -

Also now listed on eBay where you can see photos:


But the offer still remains here.

2nd December 2014, 23:38
25 pounds is a great price but i'll have to pass the deal atm :( (low funds)