View Full Version : Can I use a PC Engine joypad on a Philips CD-I (CDI) ?

29th November 2014, 08:03
As some of you may know, last Sunday I picked up a Philips CD-I 450 with its original power supply and the FMV module for peanuts at the car boot sale.

It works fine once I cleaned the laser lens but I cannot really do much because it doesn't have a controller. I've ordered one from the other bay but waiting is frustrating.

I'm curious, i've got two PC Engine controllers and the plugs seem to fit in the CD-I controller port. I tried this with the console unplugged. Do you think the PC Engine controller would work on the Philips CDI, or would I risk damaging it ?

29th November 2014, 18:03
Not going to work, I'm afraid - according to this page - http://pinoutsguide.com/Home/philips_cdi_pinout.shtml - the CDI's controller uses some kind of RS232-alike serial protocol, which is quite different from the 4-bit multiplexed digital IO the PC-Engine uses.