View Full Version : PC Power Supply - 100 max - Japanese Capacitors and LONG leads! any recommendations?

29th November 2014, 19:17
I am looking for a power supply that can fulfill all this:

100max or around that price
Long Leads, fully modular - ATX loom more so!
Japanese capacitors - NO crappy junk that will fail and burn out.

I need to fit this inside a case where the psu sits at the bottom, not the top! I want to avoid using an extension at all costs tbh, hate having to fart about adding bits.

I am stuck... been googling and have some possibles:


So any thoughts, recommendations would be great!

Thanks :D

29th November 2014, 19:45


29th November 2014, 20:20
Those are nice PSU's John! 10 year warranty as well!

Have you worked out what wattage you need?

30th November 2014, 01:28
I'd reccommend anything Seasonic, the "X" series gold 750w supply I have has served me very well. If you can, try and get atleast a gold rated PSU for that budget. The flagship Seasonic's are also known for helping reduce/prevent coil whine which is an all too common problem on modern advanced graphics cards, mine especially. :dry:

A clean supply is a good supply!

Here's a couple that I have quickly searched for that i'd opt for personally:



One thing to also note, how many things do you intend on powering? This will determine what kind of power output you require and also if modular is really worth the extra cost. Why? Well if you are going to use nearly all the cables, having a modular supply is more messy than one that has all the cables nicely bunched together.

*I'd opt fo this one strongly. Great caps, full of features and SLI/Crossfire support.