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29th November 2014, 21:40
Here for sale is 3 adapters that allow to use a PS/2 PC keyboard with the amiga 1000 or GBA1000.
It could be use easily with other Amiga if you build the needed cable/plug (cable to connect to amiga is plugged and can be change according your need). Adapters are isolate with shrink transparent tube. See pictures.

Reset the amiga is possible through CTRL+left and right Windows keys...

Asking 15€ each including post as paypal gift.

Pictures HERE (https://picasaweb.google.com/110834026349338543219/KeyboardAdapter02?authkey=Gv1sRgCMG42aPh3LK7YA#)

29th November 2014, 22:05
Interested in all three...

29th November 2014, 22:35
Also interested. Can you make more? Amiga 2000 also?

29th November 2014, 22:58
Yes, I've still few PCbs. If you are interested I can build one for the A2000 but i have first to buy a din 5 plug....

22nd December 2014, 05:47
I'm interested. Have any left...

22nd December 2014, 08:23
Interested in one for an A1000

22nd December 2014, 08:53
Received! They are working great!!!!!

And feedback left...

8th December 2015, 10:09
I could use five or more...

8th December 2015, 12:57
Interested in the following adapters:
1 x A1000
2 x A2000
2 x A4000

- - - Updated - - -

Can these also be modified for the A500/A600/A1200?

14th December 2015, 22:45
I do not have the material to do a new batch. I could do some more but it would take some time....
This adapter also work on the A500. A600/A1200, no...

15th December 2015, 09:05
Thanks for the answer Seb.
Let us know when you can make some extra cables.

9th February 2016, 22:20
I'm interested if available again.

8th August 2018, 21:49
Necroposting. Any A1000 adapter left ?