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30th November 2014, 18:02
Hi all

I've had this lot sitting around for ages and now I've recently sold the 464 I have no use for them. Unfortunately I didn't have time to test any of these before my cpc monitor broke. I did however, test one game that came from this lot (all these games are from the same source) and it worked, which was Knight Lore, which I sold elsewhere. That was the first game I tested, and the last game I played on the cpc as the monitor broke. They are generally clean, no signs of mold or anything like that. There are some decent games in there like Night Shade (Ultimate Play the Game), the Level 9 Computing adventures, Master of the Lamps etc.

Large pictures here: http://jpegbay.com/gallery/004050134-1.html#1

Looking for 45 + postage really.

Can post anywhere - but they're quite weighty.
UK post can be 5.80 ish posted to a shop near you, or 7.99 to your door, all via UPS.
Payment via PP gift or +fees

Wasn't going to list them individually but here goes: - I may have missed some or typoe'd sorry!


Spectravideo Joystick
Amstrad jopypad

Amsoft Laserwarp
Amsoft Roland Goes Digging
Amsoft 3D Stunt Rider
Amsoft Harrier Attack
Amsoft Quack a Jack
Amsoft Grand Prix Driver
Amsoft roland on the Ropes
Amsoft Sultans Maze
Amsoft Roland Ahoy
Amsoft Alien Break-in
Amsoft Roland in Time
Amsoft Mutant Monty
Amsoft 3D Invaders
Amsoft Space Hawks
Amsoft Star Commands
Amsoft pyjamarama
Amsoft Electro Freddy
Amsoft Hunter Killer
Milk Race
Steve David Snooker
3D Star Fighter
War Hawk
Kick Start 2
I-Ball 2
Anirog House of Usher
Anirog Survivor
Anirog Flight Path 737
Kong Strikes Back
Big Foot
Formula 1 Sim
Gilligans Gold
Star Quake
Grand Prix Tennis
Green Beret
180 Darts
Speed King
Jump Jet
Motor Bike Madness
Moon Cresta
Magicland Dizzy
Hunchback II
Manic Miner
Space Trader
Tenpin Challenge

Amstrad Action #49
Action Pack #3
Action Pack #1
Action Pack #21

Welcome to Amsoft (Cont/ Demo tape) - Loose
League Challenge - loose
A.T.F. - loose

History in the Making: US Golds First 3 Years boxset
Chase HQ
The Hobbit (boxed, no front cover artwork)
Amstrad Basic pack
Hot Rod
Dragons Lair
They Sold a Million
Computer Hits 3
Computer Hits 4
Jet Bike
Night Shade
the Mystery of Arkham Manor
Combat Lynx

4in1 Hit Pak
The Way of the Exploding fists
Bruce Lee
Yie Ar Kung-Fu - x2
Master of the Lamps
Hyper Sports

Level 9 Computing: Return to Eden
Level 9 Computing: Colossal Adventure
Level 9 Computing: Dungeon Adventure
Level 9 Computing: Adventure Quest
Level 9 Adventures: Scapeghost

30th November 2014, 18:30
Very nice collection

30th November 2014, 22:30
Declaring interest depending on question in PM

1st December 2014, 01:55
Hi Narf, pm replied. On hold till mid December for Narf.

10th December 2014, 01:42
nice lot :)

10th December 2014, 22:52
Payment received from Narf, thanks mate. Will get it out tomorrow.

16th December 2014, 15:56
Picked this little lot up this morning. Absolutely brilliant, thank you.