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30th November 2014, 23:04
Well, the wife and I have agreed to disagree and I've moved to a new, smaller place.

Unfortunately, with the smaller space comes less room for the collection, so I'm going to have to part with a LOT of stuff.

First up is my Bodega Bay.

I picked this up quite some time ago and had to do a lot of repair work to get it looking good.

First, several of the retainers on the front were broken. Those have been fixed.

Second, the power connector going from the BB to the A500 was a disaster. That was completely replaced with the power cord from a dead A500 power supply and provides a lot of spare length allowing for easy access to the back of the 500.

Third, I added extensions for the mouse and joy stick port. This helps a ton if you need to pull the 500 out. Same as the power cord.

Fourth, the cover on the expansion port connector was completely missing. I picked up the shell from a GVP sidecar and modified it to cover the "boot." Not necessary for functionality, but makes it look better. I've added a couple of velcro patches to hold it into place, but a third piece between the 500 and the Bodega Bay would make it look a lot better and more secure, so I'll include a velcro pair with this.

For what it's worth, I know for a fact the Bodega Bay works with the 2386SX bridge board because I had it in there.

Ditto memory expansion by GVP, IDE by Dataflyer.

Due to the fact this beast weighs about 25 pounds packed, I'm figuring international shipping would be prohibitive even tho the power supply switches from 120V to 220V.

Now the important part. I'd like to get $750 for it. Buyer to cover shipping and paypal fees.

I am also open to local pick up.

I'm offering this to the amibay community first to ensure it finds a good home. However, if I don't have a buyer in a week, I'll have to take it to the other bay.

Note, the A500 in the picture is NOT included.



4th December 2014, 22:30
Hmm, no nibbles at $750.

Price drop - $500.

7th December 2014, 21:49
Well, no interest here or amiga.org so taking this over to the other bay.

Mods, please close this one.