View Full Version : Closed SOLD: Subway USB & CLOSED: MP3@64

7th August 2008, 14:47
I never got around to physically fitting these items (too busy playing with software), so they can be considered to be in "brand new" condition.

Subway USB controller, connects to A1200 or compatible expansion clockport: $90AUD

MP3@64: Connects to same A1200 or compatible expansion clockport: $50AUD

Both come complete with everything supplied in the original retail package from Amigakit.

Why am I selling? Need money to pay my kid's school fees!

I will accept PayPal, or if you live nearby you can pay with cash when you pick it/them up.


7th August 2008, 19:10
Would like the subway Fingers, pm'd you on eab before I saw this.

7th August 2008, 19:51
Hi fingerz,

I'm interested in both, assuming they work :-)

8th August 2008, 00:57
Subway sold to THB :D

That should sort me financially, so I'll hold onto the MP3@64 for now :)

Sale over 8)


Kin Hell
8th August 2008, 23:39
Nice one..... Thread closed. :D