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2nd December 2014, 20:33
[sad soulful music]

This is Dave. To look at Dave as he walked past you in the street, you wouldn't be able to tell from his appearance, he looks just like you and I. You see, Dave has a terrible addiction, in that he is addicted to retro awesome and the AmiBay website - he is a retroholic. This addiction affects his daily life, as he is unable to function without his daily fix of retro. His life would collapse if his supply of retro awesome was to run out, forcing him to go cold turkey.

Please help Dave, by pledging just 5 pounds, Euros or Dollars, or whatever you can, to the AmiBay website. Your donation will go towards providing a steady daily supply of retro awesome via the AmiBay site and will also help many others who suffer from the same cruel addiction of retroholism. Your donation will also go towards maintaining a much-needed service, by providing a means via which retro addicted individuals can share their stories of retro, hackery and general awesomeness, whilst supporting each other.

If this support network was not available, Dave might have to walk the streets, looking for places where similarly affected individuals might meet, such as coffee shops, libraries and internet cafes. Some retroholics don't feel safe going outside, particularly in daylight and they can be victimised by other members of the digital community. In extreme cases, retroholics may become so desperate as to go and loiter in PC World, to try and get their retro fix. This doesn't need to happen and you can help make it stop.

This appeal isn't about "Pay up, or the puppy/kitten etc. gets it!". It's not even about "Ante up B%$h, it's Christmas time!", it's about poor lonely misunderstood retroholics who badly need this support network. Please find it in your heart to donate whatever you can to support the AmiBay site and the work it does in supporting retroholics at this difficult time of year. Please use the 'Donate' link in the black banner to make your donation.

On behalf of Retroholics Anonymous, thank you.

[/sad soulful music]

- - - Updated - - -

OK, joking aside.

AmiBay is run and staffed by volunteers and is kept online via funds raised at events or by donations. We would welcome any donations that you are able to make to help the site along towards the cost of domain registrations, hosting and server costs. All funds received are used purely towards the AmiBay running costs and on occasions, we dig into our own pockets to keep the site online.

All we ask from you is a small donation, whatever you can afford. Every donation received helps AmiBay to become even more awesome. Just think, we have around 11,500 members and if each one donated 1/$1/€1, then the site costs wouldn't be an issue at all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we wish you all a safe Christmas and New Year.

1st September 2015, 21:51
An early bump in readiness for this Christmas - after all there is only 114 days to go :lol:

2nd June 2016, 18:39
Time for a little bump.

We've always shied away from publishing figures of the donations received as we think it's rather crass.

I'm going to make a slight deviation from our normal position as a way to try and persuade you all to make a little gift to YOUR AmiBay.

In the month of April we received one donation. In May we received two.

I'm not going to name names or amounts but would like to publically thank the members that made those donations and all those that have donated in the past.

As stated by Merlin in the original post
All we ask from you is a small donation, whatever you can afford. Every donation received helps AmiBay to become even more awesome. Just think, we have around 11,500 members and if each one donated 1/$1/1, then the site costs wouldn't be an issue at all.

Thanks, Dave.

8th June 2016, 23:36
Just a little update on the above post.

Since the 2nd of June AmiBay has received a total of ten donations.

So again I/we would like to thank all the members that have listened to our plea and to all of those that have donated in the past.

On behalf of YOUR AmiBay, Thank You :thumbsup2:

2nd December 2016, 23:03
Before I continue with this post AmiBay would like to thank all the members that have made donations in the past and those that will hopefully make some in the future.

AmiBay relies on donations to survive along with the volunteers who give up their spare time to help keep it going.

In November we received donations to the grand total of 0, nothing, zilch!! AmiBay can't survive without donations.

As some of the staff are aware I tragically lost my dad on the 3rd of November. That is the reason I've not been on AmiBay as much recently.

Although my dad was not in to computers he did support me in my hobbies of which one of the main ones was the Amiga.

In his memory I've made a donation so that hopefully AmiBay will continue and live at least as long as he did.

This post is not to ask for sympathy from you but simply to ask you to make a small donation to AmiBay to help to support YOUR AmiBay.

Thanks, Dave

3rd December 2016, 01:11
Just sent 5 :) Can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

1st November 2017, 18:42
My comments in post #5 last year caused a number of donations to be made to AmiBay. In fact there were nineteen donations made in the few days following the post.

Why do we need to plead for donations?
In August we had two donations, September zero donations and October three donations.

AmiBay can't survive without your help.

I'll be making my donation on Friday in memory of my dad.

I wonder if we could get as many donations this year.

So guys and girls please make a donation to allow your AmiBay to continue to be your AmiBay :thumbsup:

Thanks, The Team

16th August 2018, 19:23
Apologies for having to post in this thread again but AmiBay needs your help.

Unfortunately, the Donation link is broken and has been for a number of weeks. Hopefully this will get sorted.

In the meantime if you are feeling generous and would like to make a donation to support AmiBay you can make the donation to donations@amibay.com

Please remember to state your Forum ID in the notes of the payment so I can credit you within the accounts.

Payment can be made in any currency and amount that is suitable for you :)

Thanks, The Team

9th September 2018, 23:26
We'd like to thank all the members that have taken the trouble to circumvent the broken donations link.

Rest assured all of your donations have been recorded within the AmiBay accounts.

Thank you for supporting your AmiBay :grouphug:

6th October 2018, 16:34
Just a quick update to let you all know that the site donation button is now working again. The old system had stopped working with a recent Paypal update. I've therefore now set it to take you directly to an official Paypal donations page where you can submit your donations. Sorry for the issue and hope the new setup works OK for everyone. Please PM me if you still have problems with it.

6th October 2018, 22:14

Tested and working.

Thank you

7th October 2018, 19:47

Just a little update to the above - please remember to add your user name in the notes box please.

Otherwise I won't be able to credit you with the donation.

Thank you for supporting your AmiBay :grouphug: