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3rd December 2014, 18:52

recently i turned on my a2000 and the screen is stuck at blue color. also caps lock blinks only once (the keyboard works ok - tested on another amiga).
does anyone has any experience with such failure and is it worth repairing?


3rd December 2014, 19:14
These are the Kickstart error colour codes.

Red - An error in the Kickstart rom as detected.
Green - An error in the Chip Ram was detected.
Blue - An error in the custom chip set was detected.
Yellow - The CPU encountered an error before the system's error-trapping code (the code the calls up the Guru) was in place.
Black - No CPU detected.
Grey - CPU Passed the test.
White - CPU failure.

I suggest that you carefully try reseating the Denise, Gary, Paula, Denise and Agnus chips, as they can 'creep' out of their sockets slightly over time.

Here are the keyboard blink error codes, but I think your problem lies with re-seating the socketed chips. When the Amiga is first switched on the keyboard might blink a number of times to indicate one of the following errors.

One Blink = ROM (Kickstart) Checksum failure
Two Blinks = RAM test failed
Three Blinks = Watchdog timer failed

3rd December 2014, 20:58
thanks mate. i have already seen those blink errors, and as you suggested it could be due to chips... i'll try to re-seat them, and post (hope positive) result here...

4th December 2014, 19:13
Hi again... during re-seating chips, and trying to boot, amiga several times turned screen in green, blue, once it was even purple! :) . now, after i re-seated all chips - amiga constantly turns screen into blue... donno what 2 do...

4th December 2014, 19:29
What version Kickstart is on this board? Kickstart 2.0 screens are purple and you might have just been missing the 'insert disk' animation.

4th December 2014, 21:51
don't think so. nothing except blue screen appears... also donno kickstart version :( . i have another, working, amiga 2000 with 1.3 ks but this one is unknown...