View Full Version : Faulty CD32 Motherboard - Sell or refurb?

5th December 2014, 16:34
Wifey tasked me with fishing out the Christmas decorations so I killed 2birds with one stone, found some parts I needed.
Amongst the boxes I found the remains of a dead CD32. A friend dumped it on me years ago and it was in a real bad state!

I found:

CD32 motherboard
Laser unit
Laser ribbon cable
Audio/led/power board
+ some random bits, lid hinge etc.

The board has the classic "Domed" large capacitors. The smaller one's looked clean. The Ribbon connecter clip is broken.
I cannot fully remember what was wrong but I vaguely recall it would not read cd's properly, sometimes not starting up etc.

Is it worth getting the board refurbed? or should I just sell it on and let somebody else get some use out of it?

5th December 2014, 16:37
For me it would depend on whether I have a working cd32

if you're ok with the soldering iron the caps pack are available from amigakit for less than 10 so you could try and repair it yourself

5th December 2014, 16:40
Can you put some close up pics of the motherboard? especially the broken connector

as for other bits, laser can be picked up cheaply, and people will buy other parts I will imagine

The capacitors on the CD32 are very flakey now and special care must be taken removing them or you will pull up/damage the pads, the glue holding them on the board does not take heat very kindly !

5th December 2014, 17:24
I will chuck the towel in on this one!

I will only do something wrong trying to recap it. Bebek or Roybates would sort things out and do a first class job
I have a mint CD32 here anyways.

Might just get the board done and sell the laser maybe... I am going to assume the laser is borked or flakey.

I shall pull it out of the box in a bit and get some detailed pictures of it all :)