View Full Version : Folly or Not? Powering an old Intel board with a 250watt Mini-ITX DC-DC PSU...

5th December 2014, 17:20
Funny idea's are my forte! lol

I have an old Antec NSK1380. As with all Antec stuff I have owned, the power supply failed big time and burnt itself out. Typical as per normal this mATX case has a custom power supply you cannot just go out and buy. You can find them with a lot of searching but they cost and tbh, the trust has gone so I will not even bother now.

So im left with this nice little cube case with no psu.

My plan! Is to recycle/re-purpose it with an unused socket 478 board in my storage. I plan to use or try this:

Asrock Pi465G Mini ATX
1gb dual ddr300
S478 3Ghz cpu
Ati all in wonder 9600
Audigy soundcard
Stock Intel cooler
Sata hard drive (possibly an AV green jobbie)
IDE Dvd writer


250watt mini itx dc-dc psu
Quality 12v power transformer (I searched high and low for known good power bricks and found some!)

If I can make it work! It will only do light tasks, record video from a sky box etc...
I have gutted out the original power supply and currently thinking about where I can mount the new power board etc.

I am trying to find out if anyone else has done something like this? then also looking at how to find out wattage, power draw etc.
Any help would be really appreciated :)