View Full Version : Indivision ECS need component info for repair.

6th December 2014, 02:58
Hi friends.
I buy in eBay an indivision ECS for my A2000.
But i drive me crazy for several hours, static images are OK but in games appear some corruption graphics and colour flashes.
After read tons of post that point me in:
"know problem of power filtering", wrong way... :picard
After this i can see in the pcb the three pins SMD component U8 are stripped!!!
Y can see this compoonent are stripped in the seller photos in eBay, but i want to fix myself.
Please i m very pleasant, if anybody with a good magnifier :) post the reference number of U8 in a corner of the pcb near the jumper.

This way i hope revival this Indivision ECS.
Thank you very much in advance :oops:

Jose A.
Very sorry for my lame english.

6th December 2014, 09:20
Marking on U8 is:

its a `SOT-23` diode

19th January 2015, 03:02
Hi Supaduper
I reply many times but i donīt understand why mi reply are not posted.
First, thank a lot for spend your time to help me.
I order some of the RA29P in aliexpress its not a diode is a little watchdog in undervoltage situation this IC send reset to a microporcessor.
I solved my problem loading new firmware to the IndivisionECS, and now i solder the IC RA29P in the PCB not make any difference but, i solder it anyway i think is the correct way.
Thank you again
Best Regards
Jose A,