View Full Version : SORTED - Classic WB help needed.

6th December 2014, 04:23
Today when changing background pictures my SCALOS decided to reset the entire Menu preference leaving me with stock SCALOS setup which has nothing really.

I need a favor.

Can some kind soul go to: RUN --> Settings-->SCALOS-->MENU ITEMS (might be different setup but SCALOS Menu Items is what we are after :) ) and Save the Classic WB Menu .pre file, zip it and share it for download?
I have no idea whatsoever how to even open a folder (using command) let alone recreate the whole thing.

I have the FreshIcon/ADV pack

Appreciate in advance

6th December 2014, 11:47
Can't you just grab it from a clean pack ?

6th December 2014, 18:13
I had to install bootcamp, then Classic WB and got it.

Close thread pls.