View Full Version : Big difference in speed from A3630 to A3640 ?

6th December 2014, 18:22
I'm buying an A4000D which comes with an A3640

I'm considering buying an A3640. Is the speed difference massive ?

6th December 2014, 18:31
I assume you mean it comes with an A3630, in which case probably 25mhz 030 pushing about 7 mips so 040 @25mhz would be 18mips so yes twice as fast at CPU operations but that's only part of the story and depends on what you want to use your Amiga for.

If you play just WHDLoad games with AGA then don't bother, but if you want to use productivity software and upgrade your Amiga with RTG and other Zorro goodies then you will want to upgrade that CPU, instead of A3640 I suggest a proper 040/060 accelerator like Apollo 040/060, WarpEngine 040 or CyberStorm 040/060. Prices can get a bit wild for these but the local CPU Fast Ram and SCSI options make these a much better option.

If you buy an A3640 you will probably end up wanting a ZorRam and SCSI board then you might have well just put the money towards the proper accelerator.

Anyway, you have lots to think about, tell more about what you want from your A4000 and we'll be able to give better advice :)

9th December 2014, 09:37
yes , between A3630 is big difference ! A3640 is much faster you can also maprom 3.1 kickstart , but this cpu card is not good for whdload games thats my opinion

9th December 2014, 10:00
As fitzsteve says, if you're only interested in WHDLoad, then there's no point spending the extra (although, unlike Deling, I had no probs with either the 3630 or 3640 running this).

But, if you're wanting to use Workbench at higher resolutions with funky icons, you'll certainly feel the benefit of the 'oomph' an '040 gives - even moreso if you go for a better accelerator running at 40MHz instead of the stock 25MHz.

Certainly helps the IDE access speed too, as well as file decompression, image display, etc, etc... It generally feels like a much more responsive computer.

9th December 2014, 10:11
Well, if it was simply for WHDLoad, my A1200 with Blizzard 1230IV is more than enough :)

I've also got an A2000 with a commodore 030 @25mhz accelerator (A2630?). So I guess like RichyV puts it, I want the fancy workbench etc... I know eventually i'll be looking for an RTG card (Picasso II or IV or similar). Just thinking where I should start with upgradng it.

10th December 2014, 12:29
Along with the rest of the Group... For WHDLoad games (new version is out btw) no real difference.

If you want a real usable productivity machine, skip both of them and get an accelerator with local ram and a controller like a warp engine. It is a monumental leap from using the 4k to dish out ram access and disk I/O.

A graphics card will make the most noticeable difference even over the accelerator choice.

Add both a video card (with scan doubler preferably) and a decent 040/060 card with local IO and suddenly the 4000 will feel at modern levels of computing. As an added bonus, add an SSD and a silent fan and now she will be silent... Ok now I'm getting carried away with other peoples money. :)

10th December 2014, 13:08
That is what i miss! I had two powerful Amigas.... The best one I had was an A4000T with a Cyberstorm 68060, 64MB Ram and a Picasso IV. The other was my current A2000, but I had a GVP 040 with 32mb ram in it and a Picasso II. Another gem I also sold (this I dont regret selling) was a Blizzard 1260 in my A1200, but i really did not need all that power in an A1200.