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8th December 2014, 13:04

for sale is a nice CD32 combination with Gotek-Floppyemulator in a Floppy-Expansion with RTC and RGB-Output connector.
The capacitors are new and all is working without any problems.

Invluded is:
- CD32 unit
- Gotek with Floppy-Expansion module and 8GB USB-Stick in micro size

Price: 190€ + Shipping
---- Both are SOLD now ----

See the photos (What you see is what you get, the A2000 and the monitor is not included... ;) )

Info: This Floppy-Expansions does have generally a little bug, so that the 13, <<, >> -keys are not working, if it is connected to the CD32.

9th December 2014, 23:11
Interested pending some answers to the following questions.

Can it run normal cd32 games?
As far as the floppy emulator what type of games will it run? Games for amiga500 and 1200? What is this 1.3 rom? Is it emulated somehow? As far as I know cd32 got a later rom. Or no?

Is controller included? I guess not...

10th December 2014, 07:13

controller is separate, if you need one (I'm thinking I have one ... for 10€, if I have ... ;) ).
But other controllers, like the Honeybee are better to use as the original ones.

You can run CD32 and CDTV games without problems.
With the floppyemulator is it possible tu run the A500 games what are running with AGA Chipset (I think 95% do it).
Games for ordinary A1200 which not need extra memory are also running without problems. :)
Yes, the CD32 has Kick 3.1, but you can downgrade it easily per software and so running much more A500 games as with 3.1.
For any games it would be good, you have e keyboard.

The Gotek drive is also available in grey, if you like it more ... no problem.

Jochen :)

10th December 2014, 14:25
Sending pm. Asking postage to Greece. Please add the controller to the pack.

Is cd drive working ok? Have you test it with any game?

15th December 2014, 12:13
Payment sent :)

15th December 2014, 12:52
Payment received, thank you! :)

.... still one set available.

27th December 2014, 06:48
One such set is still available.
You also can get it also with an normal floppydrive, but a gotek floppyemulator is more comfortable in the livingroom... :D

27th December 2014, 09:00
Interested pending some questions. Pm sent.

27th December 2014, 11:51
Interested as well - PM sent

31st December 2014, 08:05
Payment sent.

31st December 2014, 12:26
Payment received! :)

3rd January 2015, 15:16
Item received, perfectly packed and it is working perfectly. Thanks will leave feedback soon.