View Full Version : Aeg airsoft battery charge time

8th December 2014, 20:09
Not exactly retro related but now I've finally tracked down q replacement part was busted on mine I can finally use it. Sat boxed from new years ago but I accidentally snapped a part on day 1 :(

Can anyone tell me, I have a battery pack which consists of 7 600mAh batteries. I know the equation but do I calculate for one individual battery at 600mAh or multiply by 7? My charger charges at 160mA, which I assume is mAh?


8th December 2014, 21:42
160 mA is current, 600 mAh is capacity. They are not the same thing.

Your seven cells are in series, which means the voltage increases but the capacity remains the same. Therefore:

600 mAh / 160 mA = 3.8 h

Accounting for losses, you should probably charge the battery for about 4-5 hours (if it is nearly empty to begin with). 160 mA is such a low current that it won't significantly overheat the batteries anyway, just don't leave it on there forever.

9th December 2014, 00:51
You Sir, are a star :thumbsup: Thank you, that's very helpful.