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10th December 2014, 16:26

I am selling a brand new CF+8mb fastram board for A500. It was for my A1000 project but I changed my mind. So it is back to the wild. No much more to say, all the info here : http://kipper2k.com/amigaforsale/

It is reserved for Tuxbar81 until the end of next week.

If he withdraws his interest, then It will be offered to Amibayers.
I am asking what I have paid for : 61€ including shipping costs to France and 69€ to EU. Paypal as gift or add 4%. Rest of the world please contact me after declaring interest in this thread.

See picture attached.



10th December 2014, 16:43
Thanks a lot Crashmidnick.

In fact... for some reasons... I really wanted to have this board.
So, interest confirmed. PM on the way!

- - - Updated - - -

Yep! Payment made now!:)

10th December 2014, 16:53
Payment received, the board will be shipped on Friday :)

Many thanks.

10th December 2014, 17:36
Thanks a lot my friend!:)

18th December 2014, 21:52
Received in perfect condition.
Thank you very very much!

Feedback left.

18th December 2014, 23:58
Have fun mate !

Positive feedback left :thumbsup: