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11th December 2014, 09:34
Hi folks,

Having recently acquired a GVP Impact Series HDD for my A500 I thought it was time to pimp it a little. It currently comes with a 40MB original HDD which is erm - creaking(!). Does anyone know whether its possible to replace the HDD and install a scsi card reader plus SD card a la A1200? If yes, are there any kits available anywhere?

Secondary question is that the GVP comes with its own separate power supply. Can it be powered through the A500?? Or does that depend on the model of GVP? It seems very cumbersome to have a sea of power bricks gracing the desk :-)

11th December 2014, 09:48
Yes, it's possible to put a CF/SD reader in there. Two options:

AztecMonster (http://www.ebay.com/itm/CF-AztecMonster-CF-3-5inc-SCSI-Converter-Card-New-for-Vintage-Computer-/261685473077)
SCSI2SD (http://shop.codesrc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50)

I got the AztecMonster connected to my GVP and it seems to work OK, but I haven't tested it much yet.

I would not recommend modifying your GVP to draw current from the Amiga, but it's possible (and not too hard) to modify an ATX power supply to power both devices. :)

11th December 2014, 09:56
Wow ok thanks. Those cards are pricey!

11th December 2014, 10:06
Yep, maybe you'd be better off with ACA500 which costs about the same but gives more possibilities :)