View Full Version : Amiga 1200 Green tinge in Workbench. Kickstart screen blue instead of purple. Help please

13th December 2014, 08:13
Hey guys,
Looking at a friends amiga 1200 which has a strange problem. All workbench screens have a green tinge ad the kickstart screen looks blue.
On the Amiga tick on that screen I can see red. I thought red was missing cause without it I suspected that the kickstart screen would be blue.
I have tried a few monitors that are known working and also composite scart and rf all with the same results.

I have been looking at the schematics and I suspect the problem would be behind the video dac chip.

Any ideas what I should be looking for? I was going to measure all resistors in the area and replace any caps there.
Any advise will be appreciated.


16th December 2014, 17:10
Hi my friend,

Around U12, the encoder I would guess. But I would not bother and replace all caps first if you have the material to do it. I have had various distortions on amiga 600-1200 and they all got back to cap problems. I can tell you they seem to fail together. Ebay is full with smd caps. I think amigakit has them as well these days.

Somethimes they are thicker at the top, some smell like bad fish.

- - - Updated - - -

Oo and on the systems I' have had some developed sound problems soon.