View Full Version : Using a PS2 wired joypad on a PS3...

13th December 2014, 15:08
My son's PS3 joypad has had it! Can go and buy a new one but the price is a bit stupid now seeing the PS4 is the new kid on the block!

We have 4 ps2 joypads here that are still in good shape. Is it all possible to use these on the PS3? just as temp stop gap for a few weeks?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


13th December 2014, 18:34

13th December 2014, 22:03
Is that tested John? i've got a few of those so called adapters and none of them work on a PS3 even though they all claim to (they all work on the PC fine though).

13th December 2014, 22:22
sorry i dont have a ps3 but for the cost its worth a shot

17th December 2014, 10:04
i have one like that, but with four led indicators on it, so as to select the player slot (similar to ps3), and works like a charm. i don't remember its brand, but i strongly suggest to search for such an adapter.