View Full Version : Sold 2 Villagetronic Ariadne V 1.2 ethernet cards.

13th December 2014, 18:59
1 is 100% tested OK, the other one is defective, though.:crying:
The defective one shows it's presence in the boot menu, but the ariadne.device won't load.
I have 1 manual, 1 original disk, and the sleeve of 1 box, and I might even have the original box, not sure about the latter though.
I would like to sell both of them in 1 deal, but that's not a "hard" demand, I'm a pretty flexible kind of guy, as long as I sell them, it's fine with me.
I'm asking 130,- for the lot, and if you can fix the defective one, then you've got yourself a pretty sweet deal.
Payment via IBAN, Paypal, gift or buyer pays fees.
Shipment is 14,65 to Euro-zone 1, all insured and signed delivery. Can of course ship worldwide, please make an inquiry for other regions.


13th December 2014, 19:39
interested, send PM later, thanks

14th December 2014, 14:24
Payment sent :-)

14th December 2014, 15:37
And received, so will ship tomoz.

Thanks, and happy days for the approaching times.:)

15th December 2014, 14:11
And package has been sent today, enjoy!

15th December 2014, 18:50
Thank You Beavis for a really fast shipment :cool: please send me tracking when You've time so I can see when it will be delivered :)

15th December 2014, 19:23
What goes around, comes around. Will send you the link in a few secs.